Cat Noir Footie Pajamas [ Part:1]

Info, Materials, Preparing


As an adamant viewer of the tv show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, (for those who are interested link to Wiki )as any fangirl, when I realized I had the materials to create a Cat Noir Onesie I jumped at the chance. I do want to credit this project however because it was inspired by this section of a comic created by

seredipitous fate

The first step was gathering the base and evaluating what materials I’ll need. I try to not buy materials when I don’t have to and I was fortunate enough to already have a black onesie that fit but I wasn’t wearing anymore. Exhibit A:

Displaying IMG_3184.JPG

Full View

Displaying IMG_3186.JPG

Front center

Displaying IMG_3188.JPG



Un-used Onesie

Green fleece

Black thread

A bell

                                                                                                                 other sewing tools like pins, needles, sewing machine, etc.


As you can tell there is quite a bit of work that must be done to this garment to create the desired look but I’m excited to get started on it!



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