Cat Noir Footie Pajamas [ Part:2]

Let’s Get Started!

The first big alteration was removing the giant Minnie Mouse head that is the middle of the garment.Displaying IMG_3186.JPG

This took me a considerable amount of time due to all of the embroidery that was used. A seam ripper was my absolute best friend during this process, along with the help of a very sharp pair of scissors that I used to slice sections that I couldn’t wiggle the seam ripper under and a large safety pin that helped me pick away cut threads. Overall the process took (time total) maybe a week or so.

I did end up catching and slicing the fabric a few times, which is always a concern when attempting to remove embroidery,  but the holes were small enough that I just mended them with some black thread. This is the garment after the embroidery was removed and the holes were fixed.


Pins are placed along the zipper seams because the embroidery was wrapped into the seam and so to remove all of the embroideries it was necessary to remove it.  In addition to removing the embroidery, I also removed the ears from the hood and the leopard print fabric from the sleeves.

Hood and Sleeves after:






Next step is going to be taking the curved mouse ears that were removed from the hood and reshaping them into cat ears and reattaching them along with sewing up the zipper seam.

See you next time:)



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