The Best of Me Inspired Sun Dress [Part 1]

Quite a while ago I got my hands on a beautiful maxi dress that has a great flower designFullSizeRender (1) on it. Now I don’t like how maxi’s particularly look on myself but because its pattern is just too stunning to toss out, I’ve been hoarding it in my fabric drawer until I found the perfect way to up-cycle it.  Recently I was reintroduced to the Nicholas Sparks film The Best of Me where the younger version of one of the main characters, Amanda, wears this really unique backless blue dress. I’ve also been searching for a fun summer dress to wear for my senior photos, and what could be more perfect than a custom made one!

The Blue Dress:

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The first step was doing research on the Blue Dress and finding pictures to use as a reference for the project. I also went ahead and washed and ironed the flower dress so it is prepped.

During my research, I found that the Blue dress was custom made for the movie. Which means if I want one I have to make it myself!

From examining the photos the construction appears to be relatively basic, which means I won’t have to utilize any special techniques or materials to pull it off!


  • Flower Dress
  • White fabric (either heavy or lightweight)
  • Cream/mint thread
  • Zipper (also upcycled)
  • Boning
  • cups (optional)
  • Dress Form
  • Other sewing supplies (machine, pins, needles, etc.)

I sketched up a basic breakdown of the dress so I could understand better how all the IMG_3258parts fit together. And then examined the flower dress to decide how I wanted to break it up. When you up-cycle clothes it’s important to really understand where the seams are located on the garment along with any other details that it might have. For example, the bodice of the Blue Dress appears to be all one piece of fabric without seams for the bust. My Flower dress, however, has princess seams down the front which means that my remake will have to include those seams even though the original might not.

I’m going to go ahead and start working on this project and give you updates as I go:)

Talk later,



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