The Best of Me Inspired Sun Dress [Part 2]


*Disclaimer: I do not complete projects in the order I present them in on here. I’ve just decided for the sake of convenience to section them off but in reality, I bounce all over the place on the project until it is finished which will explain why I say certain things on a project have been done even though I never talked about it.

**All the pictures are before-sewed because I like to get all of the sewing done in one go at the very end and didn’t feel like taking more pictures

Placing what was left of the dress after I cut the bodice piece off on a skirt hanger IIMG_3270IMG_3271IMG_3265 marked where the fabric hit my belly button after lining the hem up with where I wanted it to land (never waste a perfectly good hem if you don’t have to) and then penciled the line all the way around and then added a 3/4 inch seam allowance.  Then cut.



Once done and before I took to the sewing machine to gather the top, I made the decision to seam rip the center back seam in order to allow for the zipper to be added later and to make the gathering process easier.   (as you can tell in the picture I opted to not cut through the bottom hem because I decided it was unnecessary and would look weird later. Remeber, the only times that you should do more work than strictly necessary with up-cycling is when the project will benefit from it. Me cutting the hem would have done no good or benefited the project so I didn’t .)



To gather I stitched on the largest length of stitch that my machine allows twice within the seam allowance without creating a stop stitch on either end. After completing that I tied off one side of the skirt and gathered the waist by pulling on only one string from each set from the two stitches on the other side. Once the skirt’s waist measured the same as mine, I adjusted the gathers to be evenly distributed along the waistline and then set my machine to a stitch length significantly less than before and sewed over the gathers in-between the two gather stitches. ( The last stitch will not prevent you from being able to adjust the gathers throughout the project, meaning it will not lock them in place. It simply prevents them from going everywhere everytime you touch it. Not strictly necessary but better to be safe than sorry)

Next was the waist band that will go between the bodice and the skirt. Not entirely necessary but the Blue dress has one so I wanted one too.

For the waist band, it was pretty simple, I cut a 3-inch wide section out of the left over IMG_3274fabric I had after cutting out the bodice and the skirt and added a 1/2 inch seam allowance. After working with it for a while as the skirt section was curved, I (mostly) uncurved the piece and decided to line it with a light white material that I had from a pillow case from who knows how long ago. This would prevent the pattern on the inside part of the waist band from being visible on the outside because the dress material is so light. I sewed them right-sides-together and flipped them inside out.

IMG_3285Once done I folded in half making sure that the seams were pressed as close of the outside as possible and then ironed it. After I had completed it I then attached it to the waist of the skirt by folding it over the gathers and sewing it down by the bottom.




Zipper: The zipper was by far the easiest part of this whole process. I had a metal zipperIMG_3284 that I had recovered from a pair of boots that I had to throw out about a year ago. I used one of the two I had and it was the absolute perfect length at just about 7”. I simply tucked the top of the zipper under the waist band and followed the seam indent left on the seam I had ripped earlier down it. I personally wanted the zipper to be visible because I think it adds some extra detail, so I didn’t position the fabric to cover it up but if you want to recreate the Blue Dress more accurately, I suggest getting an invisible zipper in a matching color to your fabric. Anyways, I then simply ended the zipper by hand sewing several times over the bottom of the track and then just sewed the rest of the seam down to the hem as normal.


The Next post up should be the Bodice and after that should be the final project!!!

Can’t wait for you to see it,



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